EAM now Automatically Saves its Configuration Settings

March 13

 Many customers have asked for it, and our firmware team has now implemented it: Uploaded with the latest firmware (starting with Platinum build 12457) our Enhanced Acquisition Module, the EAM, is now capable of automatically backing up and storing its configuration. Every hour, the system scans itself for configuration changes, and if any are found, a new backup is created. Up to 50 automatic backups are kept by the system. As a user, you can also manually create a backup of your current configuration settings. This creates a history of changes to the EAM settings, which can be queried at any time. The response to such a query also includes a listing of the differences in settings between the various configurations. This archive can be called up using the web interface (see screenshot).

Why is this feature important? As you set-up your EAM, you may want to try out several different configurations before you decide which settings are best. Instead of manually reprogramming everything, you can now just call up the archive and click on the configuration you want. Another reason is that sometimes changes to the configuration settings happen by accident. Instead of going through your field notes and trying to reconstruct the correct settings, you can now query the history and simply upload the previous configuration.

The configuration archive can also be downloaded for storage at a central location. This will save a lot of time when many EAMs need to be programmed using exactly the settings. Also, if you need to exchange an EAM, simply download the current configuration setting from your repository and transfer it to the replacement equipment.

An easy to use web interface allows you to store and retrieve various EAM configurations. To access this feature from EAM’s main menu go to “Configuration” and “Save/Restore”.

For details on how to upgrade the firmware for your EAM and how to use this new “Save/Restore” feature, see the release notes.


For more information, contact  us at l sales@ideaasgroup.com

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