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We proudly supply Guralp Systems’  instrumentation & DMT GmbH in Canadian Market.

Please review the product catalog and contact us if you need pricing or further technical information.

Guralp-RGBGuralp has been providing leading performance seismic monitoring equipment for nearly 30 years. These equipment have continually set the industry standard in performance.

We have several different instrument families to cover the range of applications we address. We provide data acquisition equipment either as a separate unit or integrated with our instruments. Our accessories assist with installation and operation of our instruments and our software assists with data interpretation and instrument configuration.

  • Instruments
    A range of Seismometers & Accelerometers ideal for long term for a wide range of applications.
  • Digitizers
    Compact analogue to digital converters.
    The range includes the CD24 and DM24 digitizers.
  • Acquisition Modules
    Data recording, communications and control modules available in various cases and form factors suitable for deployment with all digitizers and instruments.
    The range includes the Güralp Affinity,EAM, DCM, NAM and DAS.
  • Software
    A range of free analytic software for use with all Guralp Systems digital outputs.

dmt_logo DMT GmbH has been providing independent technology services in testing, consulting, engineering, measuring and development in Germany and abroad Since 1990 with emphasis on natural resources, safety and infrastructure

  • Geophysical Measuring Systems
    Geophysical measuring systems manufactured by DMT GmbH, specialized  in the sectors of natural resources, exploration, mining and cokemaking technology, construction and infrastructure, product testing and building safety as well as industrial testing and measuring technology.
  • Core Imaging System
    Portable core imaging device developed for drill core image acquisition, storage and evaluation of full-diameter and slabbed cores.
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