MEMS Devices

55T-angledTriaxial strong motion accelerometers

The Guralp Systems CMG-54T and 55T are extremely compact, robust accelerometers based on MEMS technology, suitable for civil engineering, hazard mitigation and structure monitoring applications.

Model range

54T – Datasheet pdf
55T – Datasheet pdf

Key features / Benefits

  • Three axes of acceleration with high dynamic range
  • Compact, hard anodized aluminium case
  • Full-scale sensitivity from 2g to 6g
  • Highly robust, with no moving parts
  • Response to DC as standard
  • 19-way mil-spec connector
  • Cables provided for connection to all Guralp Systems digitizers
  • Combine with Guralp Systems feedback accelerometers for high-density, high performance arrays
  • Simple installation – bolts directly to any flat surface
  • Clamps available for secure attachment to cables or rods of any diameter

Typical applications

  • TBC
  • TBC
  • TBC



Configuration / Topology: Triaxial orthogonal


Output sensitivity: ±2g to ±6g
Acceleration output low corner: DC
Acceleration output high corner: 100 to 1000Hz
Peak output: 0-5V single ended (separate reference voltage)
Nominal output impedance: 47Ω
Lowest spurious resonance: > 1000Hz
Nonlinearity: 0.5 % full scale
Cross-axis rejection: 0.02 g/g (or ±2%)
Dynamic range: 3 to 30Hz. Vertical: 72dB, Horizontal: 76dB
Noise level: Vertical: 17µg Hz-1/2, Horizontal: 11µg Hz-1/2


Power consumption at 12VDC: 90mW
Power supply: 7 – 14VDC
Current at 12VDC: 7.5mA


Operating temperature: –40 to +85°C
Temperature shift: 100 ppm/°C
Storage Temperature: TBC
Instrument Levelling: Integrated bubble level and adjustable feet to compensate for up to 5° of tilt.
Case integrity: IP67 for outdoor use and immersion resistance
Shock: 10 000g
Humidity: TBC
Auto recovery time: TBC
Alignment: North pointers on lifting handle and instrument base


Case depth/height: 102.5mm
Case width: 80mm
Case depth: 33mm
Weight: < 0.5kg
Enclosure: Hard anodized aluminium case
Connectors: Mil-spec connector