Geotechnical Engineering

Provitison of systems for the detection of the construction vibration impact (ramming, blasting and so on) to the construction itself or to sensitive infrastructure close by:

Residential and Commercial Buildings – Recording of earthquakes and providing earthquake parameters such as PGA, RSA, iJMA, etc.
Critical Buildings (Hospitals Fire Stations Emergency Shelters) – Detecting the impact of earthquakes on the structure and alert in case of exceeding predefined thresholds
Infrastructure (Bridges Dams Railroads Pipelines Tunnels) – Monitoring of operational base (ambient noise, traffic, …) vibration with related analysis of modal paramters as well as detection and recording of earthquakes and detection of thereshold exceedance.
Power Plants / Factories – Recording of local earthquake impact and analysis of earthquake paramters. Comparison of response spectras with design spectras.

Potential system solution

5T accelerometers54T and 55T MEMS devicesDigitisersAcquisition modules

Selection criteria for accelerometers

We offer a wide range of sensors for different applications. Typically seismometers and or accelerometers are chosen based on the scientific requirement. This is normally determined by the bandwidth, sensitivity and noise level required for that application and installation.