Multidisciplinary Systems

Guralp supplies multi disciplinary systems 300x 200a variety of multidisciplinary, or hybrid systems custom made to meet our customers’ requirements.

We provide multidisciplinary systems combining both high sensitivity and high dynamic range seismometers. We also provide systems that are a combination of land, borehole and ocean bottom instruments.

We also provide multidisciplinary systems containing a variety of different sensor technologies including tilt meters, strain gauges, temperature and pressure sensors and infrasound. As a complete system, all the hardware and software is full integrated, configured and tested and ready to use once deployed.

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rov installation 210 x 80

Ocean bottom observatories

Seismometers, hydrophones, temperature, salinity, current

infrasound 210 x 80

Land hybrid networks

Seismometers, infrasound, environmental sensors



3t5t borehole 210x80

High dynamic range networks

High sensitivity and high dynamic range seismometers co-packaged

borehole hybrid 210 x 80

Borehole hybrid networks

Borehole / surface hybrid systems, multi-technology borehole instruments