Life of Field Monitoring

life of field rig 300 x 200

Guralp provides a range of solutions for life of field monitoring both onshore and offshore. We provide equipment, services and turn-key solutions for temporary and permanent reservoir monitoring. Our life of field monitoring solutions provide insight into overburden integrity and wellbore stability as part of a reservoir integrity management plan.

Our cabled and nodal systems have been deployed in numerous countries in Europe, North America, South America, Australasia and Asia for leading international and national oil companies. We have deployed a wide range of solutions optimised for each application including surface, borehole and ocean bottom instrumentation, remote nodes and real-time cabled or wireless networks.

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cabled OBS system 210 x 80 Ocean bottom cabled (OBC) systems

Turn-key systems, installation and data analysis

OBS 210x80Ocean bottom nodes

ROV deployed or free-fall ocean bottom nodes

borehole PRM 210 x80Borehole networks

Autonomous or real-time wireless solutions

land exploration 210x80Surface networks

Surface autonomous nodes or

real-time monitoring solutions