surface deployment 300 x 200

Guralp solutions are used to conduct a wide range of different seismic surveys, both active and passive. Some of our customers use our products for site noise surveys, H/V studies and controlled source studies. For other customers we deliver a full survey solution including deployment, recovery, data processing and reporting.

We provide autonomous nodes that can be rapidly deployed on the surface or subsea for temporary surveys, or cabled systems where longer term monitoring is required.

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baseline seismicity

Site noise characterisation

Passive surveys to baseline natural seismic noise

land exploration 210x80

H/ V studies

Microzonation to determine soil response

p and s wave 210 x 80

Controlled source studies

Active source characterisation

OBS 210x80

Ocean bottom nodes

Temporary ocean bottom autonomous nodes

OBS deployment 210 x 80

Survey services

Installation, retrieval and data management services

data management 210 x 80

Data management and processing

Data warehousing, quality check,

land instruments 210x80

Surface autonomous nodes

Rapidly deployable, portable nodes