October 11

Scream is a Windows and Linux application for Seismometer Configuration, REal time Acquisition and Monitoring. With Scream, you can monitor,… (read the full article)

Shout 2.82

August 11

Shout is a palm pilot application which can configure, test and record data from connected Guralp equipment. Download Shout v2.82…. (read the full article)


June 11

The guralp-builder script is used for installing Guralp System’s Linux software packages from source. These packages are intended for advanced… (read the full article)

gcfsplit 0.2

March 11

gcfsplit is a cross-platform tool for reading GCF files containing data for multiple streams and writing an individual GCF file… (read the full article)

Scream2CD1 1.3

July 08

Scream2CD1 is an application which connects to Scream! receives real-time Guralp Compressed Format (GCF) network data, and transmits it to… (read the full article)

DrumPlot 3.0

July 08

DrumPlot is a display and printing utility which presents seismic data as a page per 24 hours. The data is… (read the full article)


September 06

GCF2MSD is a command line utility for converting GCF data to miniSEED format. Download GCF2MSD v1.5 for Windows (225K .zip)… (read the full article)

gcfxtract 1.3

July 06

gcfxtract is a multi-platform tool for reading disks in the DFD format used by Guralp digitizers (including 6TDs) and SAM… (read the full article)

GCFInfo 1.5

February 06

GCFinfo is a Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP addon for viewing, manipulating and saving Guralp Compressed Format (GCF) files. It is designed to… (read the full article)

GCF2SAC 1.4.2

November 05

GCF2SAC is a command line utility for converting GCF data to SAC format. Download GCF2SAC v1.4.2 for Windows or GCF2SAC… (read the full article)


August 05

GCF2GSE is a command line utility for converting GCF data to GSE format. This format is used by the seismic… (read the full article)

Scream2SFS 1.0

July 05

Scream2SFS is a Windows add on to Scream! for receiving real-time Guralp Compressed Format (GCF) data over a network, and… (read the full article)


May 05

GCF2ASC is a command line utility for converting GCF data to files in a user-specified layout in ASCII. Flexible command… (read the full article)

MultiSet 1.0

May 05

MultiSet is designed as a rapid network configuration tool for Guralp Systems Digitisers. The concept of operation is that configuration… (read the full article)

ReadSCSI 1.8

March 05

Note: The functionality of ReadSCSI has been almost completely incorporated into gcfxtract, which should be used in all cases except… (read the full article)