Güralp Affinity


Capture, Process, Distribute. Our most sophisticated and adaptable digital acquisition system yet.

The Güralp Affinity is a high-fidelity integrated digitiser and network communications unit that provides a convenient and expandable way of connecting analogue and digital instruments to your network.

Key Features

  • 24-bit channels. Eight-channel (6 primary, 2 auxiliary)
  • Exceptionally low noise:
  • >138 dB of dynamic range @ 100sps
  • 16 environmental multiplexed ADC channels
  • STA/LTA, level and external triggers
  • High sampling rates of up to 4000 samples per second
  • Four (or eight) streams with individually selectable sample rates (continuous or triggered)
  • UTC time-stamped data using a low-power GPS receiver and state of the art timing protocols e.g. Precision Timing Protocol (PTP)
  • Multi-user Linux operating system with full network support
  • Remote configuration with on-board Web server (HTTP and HTTPS)
  • On-board, high-speed USB2.0 accessible storage (16 Gb capacity; other options available)
  • Additional external USB storage connection
  • Full remote control of digitiser parameters
  • Full remote control of broadband sensors, including remote lock, unlock and centre, via web server
  • Supports multiple data formats, including GCF, GDI, miniSEED, CD1.1 and SEEDlink
  • Built-in calibration signal generator: step, sine or broadband
  • Fully integratable with a wide range of multi-disciplinary sensors
  • Mass positions streamed in real-time at high sample rates
  • Switchable gain for individual channels

Read more about the Güralp Affinity in the Affinity brochure.


For detailed specifications see the Affinity brochure.