Calibration data

We provide calibration documents with every sensor and digitizer. It is not uncommon for this paperwork to become detached from the actual equipment, resulting in a situation where scientists are unable to analyse their data properly due to lack of calibration information.

To ease access to this valuable information, GSL have set up a documentation request system where anybody can send an email and immediately receive a reply with the relevant document attached.

To use this service, simply send an email to with the subject line containing the serial number of the instrument for which you wish to retrieve the calibration document.


example email messageYou can retrieve as many documents as necessary by specifying multiple serial numbers on the subject line, separated by spaces.

For example, if you have a CMG-3T with serial number 3A15 and a CMG-DM24 digitizer with serial number 0510, you could compose an email like this:

Subject: T3A15 D0510

Our server will respond with the calibration details for the sensor and digitizer in Word format. The body of the e-mail will be ignored. Please note that the Word document contains some active content which typically cannot be rendered by and similar programs.