Volcano Monitoring

volcano 300 x 200

Guralp has been providing solutions for volcano monitoring for nearly 30 years. Data from our equipment continues to fuel ongoing research activities to understand and warn of increased seismicity.

Our high sensitivity instruments monitor movements of magma whilst our strong motion instruments measure ground response to events. Our networks rapidly communicate data for event detection and processing to provide real-time information.


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p and s wave 210 x 80Seismic research

Understand fundamental


eruption 210 x 80Hazard management

Risk evaluation for

safety management

broken road 210 x 80Emergency response

Early warning, respose coordination

comms 210 x 80Real-time networks

Wired and wireless networks

for real-time data

data management 210 x 80Data management and processing

Data gathering and quality check

land instruments 210x80Portable networks

Radidly deployable networks