Guralp solutions are used for optimisation of oil and gas production. Microseismic measurements are used to optimise reservoir stimulation including water and steam injection and hydraulic fracturing. Mapping the seismicity in a reservoir can assist with siting infill wells in maturing assets.

Our solutions are also used as part of reservoir integrity management plans, measuring depletion induced seismicity, well and overburden integrity. Guralp provides surface, borehole and ocean bottom production monitoring solutions for permanent and temporary reservoir monitoring.

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cabled OBS system 210 x 80

Permanent reservoir monitoring

Cabled ocean bottom networks for real time measurement data.

borehole PRM 210 x80

Permanent reservoir monitoring

Surface and downhole systems with real time wireless communications.

fracking 210x80

Hydraulic fracture monitoring

Baseline seismicity, operational traffic light, fracture mapping, waste water injection.

OBS 210x80

Temporary reservoir monitoring

Subsea or surface autonomous  nodes.