surface instrument range 300 x 200

Guralp provide a range of instruments packaged for a number of different operating environments. We have five sensor families that range in performance from very low frequency very low noise for global seismology to high dynamic range instruments for local strong motion monitoring.

Nearly all of our sensors are supplied for deployment at the surface, in boreholes and on the ocean bottom. We supply analogue instruments and separate digitisers, or integrated packages with a digital output.

Contact us for help selecting the most suitable instrument, or to find out more about any of our instruments.

3t smallGüralp 3 series

Very broadband instruments, portable and vault versions

5t smallGüralp 5 series

Strong motion accelerometers

Fortis smallGüralp Fortis

New slimline strong motion accelerometer with switchable gain




new image 210 x 80Güralp 40 series

Medium motion rugged instrument

6t smallGüralp 6 series

Medium motion portable instruments

land instruments 210x80Güralp Surface Instruments

Instruments for surface deployment

OBS 210x80Güralp OBS

Instruments for ocean bottom deployment

 hybrid borehole 210 x80Güralp Hybrid

Multi-sensor instruments for extended dynamic range


borehole 210 x 80Güralp Borehole

Instruments for subsurface deployment


Güralp Radian

A slimline triaxial broadband digital seismometer available as posthole or borehole that operates at any angle.