New OBS systems delivered

March 05

As part of our ongoing collaboration, Guralp Systems has shipped 15 CMG-40TOBS ultra-compact ocean bottom broadband seismometers to the Géosciences Azur Laboratory (a collaboration between research groups at IRD, CNRS, the University of Nice and the Université Paris 6).

The CMG-40TOBS is a true broadband ocean bottom instrument, housed in a 150 mm glass sphere. Its size, together with low power consumption (<8 mA at 12 V DC), enables you to consider a full broadband installation in environments where previously only a geophone-based solution would have been possible.

In addition to the sensors, Géosciences Azur received 25 Guralp deep sea release mechanisms. These robust electrically-actuated devices allow you to deploy instruments in the confidence that they can be easily recovered.

The CMG-40TOBS is also in use in the German/Indonesian tsunami early warning system, which has received coverage on BBC News among other news agencies.