Measuring earth movements in buildings

December 03

Guralp Systems has delivered five CMG-DM24S12AMS acquisition and monitoring systems to the Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey.

These innovative solutions allow civil engineers to measure a building’s response to earth movements in detail. Each system comprises:

  • one CMG-5TD digital broadband sensor, placed in a temporary pit installation near the building;
  • twelve CMG-5U compact single-axis sensors, attached to walls or floors around the building; and
  • a central data hub combining 12-channel digitizer functions with an integrated laptop PC for instant data analysis.

The METU system uses CMG-DM24S12AMS units to gather structural data.
Together, the instruments provide a powerful source of structural information. Small natural earth movements, measured accurately by the 3TD ground installation, can be compared with the motion of different parts of a building to build up a picture of its normal modes and likely response to larger earthquakes.

Using the DM24S12AMS acquisition and monitoring system, a building’s vibrational characteristics can now be determined without recourse to artificial shocks or scale models. The DM24S12AMS is designed for easy installation, and can be easily installed in occupied buildings with minimal disruption.