First Spanish OBS installed off Catalunya

August 11

A CMG-OBS3T sensor has been successfully deployed by scientists from the Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya and Guralp Systems.

The instrument, the first in a series of marine sensor systems planned by the Catalan government, is located about 50 kilometres off the Costa Dorada, at a depth of 150 m. In addition to its three weak motion sensor components, it also includes a differential pressure gauge which gives an independent measure of the effects of seafloor compliance and tilt. Scientists can then apply corrections to compensate for these effects, improving data fidelity.

The CMG-OBS3T is specially designed for deployment on sandy ocean floor surfaces, with three pointed feet which burrow into the sea bed to ensure maximum coupling to ground movements.

The deployment was reported on Spanish national television and in several newspapers, including El Pais.

The CMG-OBS3T sensor before deployment.