The CMG-EDU is a complete seismology package for educational institutions, incorporating a broadband single-component vertical instrument and a compact digitizer with 24-bit resolution.

Using the CMG-EDU system and Guralp Systems’ free Scream! software for Windows, educators can demonstrate earth processes in a hands-on environment, and earth sciences students can investigate local and remote seismic events.

Model Range

Single axis instrument – Datasheet pdf
Tri-axis instrument – Datasheet pdf


  • Modern broadband force feedback instrument



  • Output directly proportional to ground velocity from 30 s – 50 Hz
  • High sensitivity and dynamic range
  • Lightweight, waterproof and self-contained
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Easy access to electrical connections
  • No mass control required—plug in and go


The CMG-EDU system includes an EDU-V vertical broadband seismometer and CD24E1 compact digitizer, with a robust GPS unit for timing.

  • The EDU-V is a 30 s response sensor with a passband of 30 – 50 Hz, based on Guralp Systems’ CMG-6 broadband seismometer technology.
  • The CD24E1 is a compact broadband digitizer based on a high-resolution sigma-delta ADC converter.

The system is fully compatible with Guralp Systems’ Scream! software for acquiring, displaying, and recording seismic data on a Windows or Linux PC.

Using Scream, students can identify seismic events and investigate their frequency characteristics using filters and spectrograms.

Data can also be recorded for use in larger projects, or shared with other installations over your network or the Internet.

The CMG-EDU is used by the Princeton Earth Physics Project (now run from Indiana University). Additional usage notes have been developed by Indiana University.