CMG-3ESP Seismometers



High performance, low noise, compact, rapid deployment, broadband seismometers

The Guralp Systems CMG-3ESP range of seismometers are triaxial, force-feedback instruments with a large dynamic range suitable for rapid deployment. The instruments can be supplied with built in digitisers, acquisition modules and ac range of storage and communications options.

Model Range

3ESP – Standard seismometer – Datasheet pdf
3ESPDE – Digital seismometer with acquisition module – Datasheet pdf
3ESPC – Compact digital seismometer – Datasheet pdf
3ESPCD – Compact digital seismometer – Datasheet pdf
3ESPCDE – Compact digital seismometer with acquisition module – Datasheet pdf
3EX – Exploration seismometer – Datasheet pdf

Key features / Benefits

Force feedback broadband instrument
Lifting handle and all connectors on the top of the instrument.
Waterproof and durable with O-ring seals throughout
Quick and easy, one-person installation
Digital output and communication versions available

Typical applications

Example customers

China Earthquake Administration (CAE)



Configuration / Topology: Triaxial orthogonal
Feedback: Force feedback


Response: 60s to 50Hz standard (Other options available)
Output sensitivity / Clip Level: 2 x 1000 V/ms-1 (Other options available)
Peak / Full scale output: ᄆ10 V differential
Cross axis rejection: Cross-axis rejection over 62dB; sensor axes orthogonal to within ±0.05°
Linearity: > 107dB (USGS figures), > 111dB (USGS figures) vertical
Lowest spurious resonance: > 300Hz (vertical)
Self-noise: > 30s to 16Hz
Dynamic range: >140dB


Type: Pulse, sine wave and broadband
Calibration controls: Independent signal & enable lines exposed on sensor connector


Locking: Robust Automatic mass locking, unlocking and centring
Mass position output band: DC – 60 seconds
Mass recentring range: ±2.5° from horizontal (remotely operable)


Power consumption: 0.6W or 0.75W
Power supply: 10 – 36V DC
Optional low power sensor: 5V DC supply (output ᄆ4.5 V)
Protection: TBC
Current at 12VDC: TBC


Operating temperature: -20 to +65°C (-55°C optional)
Operating Temperature sensitivity: < 0.6 V per 10°C (standard response) (Optional -20 to +50°C range without recentring)
Storage Temperature: TBC
Instrument Levelling: Adjustable feet allow for up to 4° tilt (8° optional)
Case integrity: IP67 for outdoor use and immersion resistance
Shock: TBC
Humidity: TBC
Auto recovery time: TBC
Alignment: TBC


Mass control / locking: TBC
Offset zeroing: TBC


Dimensions: Ø168mm x 258mm
Enclosure: Hard anodised aluminium case.
Weight: 8.3 kg
Handling: TBC
Communication / Connectors: Mil-spec connector (optional 1500 psi waterproof connector or user connector)


Handheld Control Unit