Aftershock Monitoring

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In the wake of large events, information about smaller aftershocks can be used for a variety of purposes including research and emergency response coordination. The location where aftershocks are to be expected is known from the earlier main event and the challenge is to rapidly deploy a local network at the target location.

Guralp provides portable autonomous instruments that can be rapidly installed to monitor aftershocks.


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Seismic research

Understanding fundamental behavoiur

regional events 210 x 80

Aftershock detection and location

Rapidly deployable portable networks

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Emergency response

Coordination and optimisation of emergency services

land instruments 210x80

Portable networks

Rapid deployment to capture aftershocks

data management 210 x 80

Data management and processing

Data warehousing, quality checking, processing and reporting


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Seismic hazard management

Aftershock monitoring as part of safety management plans