Storagestorage 300x 200

Guralp provides a range of solutions for monitoring underground storage facilities for natural gas, CO2 and waste water both onshore and offshore.

Our autonomous nodes are ideal for short term monitoring and have been used to determine baseline seismicity prior to injection. For permanent monitoring, Guralp cabled ocean bottom networks and surface networks deliver real-time induced seismicity data for operational feedback. Overburden and well integrity can also be monitored as a key part of reservoir integrity managment.

Guralp have worked on underground storage projects as far afield as Europe, USA and Australia.

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waste water injection 210 x 80Waste water injection

Onshore and offshore monitoring solutions.

OBS 210x80CO2 sequestration

Onshore and offshore monitoring solutions.

traffic light 210 x 80Induced seismicity

Real-time operational feedback.

baseline seismicityBaseline seismicityBenchmark natural seismicity before and after operations. borehole tool 210 x 80Gas storage Permanent monitoring networks.