Guralp has been providing solutions to seismological applications for nearly 30 years. Our instruments have underpinned many of research conducted during this time improving our understanding of the field.

We provide solutions for a range of seismology applications including monitoring earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanos. We also monitor trigger and induced seismicity resulting from human actions across a range of industries.

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shutterstock 160443905-210x80Earthquake monitoring

Local, regional and global event monitoring

shutterstock 115835071-220x80Volcano monitoring

Magma movements, strong motion erruption characterisation

p and s wave 210 x 80Aftershock monitoring

Portable networks for rapid deployment

waste water injection 210 x 80Surveys

Site noise surveys, H/V studies, controlled source studies

shutterstock 164202023-210x80Induced seismicity

Waste water, dams, hydraulic fracturing, underground gas storage, geothermal, hydrocarbon depletion