About us

Ideaas Group Inc., is an advanced technology company based in Canada specialized in seismological instruments and networks. Ideaas Group Inc. is representing Guralp Systems Ltd., The world leader in design & manufacturing of broadband seismic instrumentation including land-based, ocean-bottom and borehole instrumentation.

Guralp instruments have been used in many major projects worldwide, including the US Seismograph Network (USGS), IRIS PASSCAL, the Canadian Seismic Network (GS Canada), the Southern Californian Co-operative Network (CALTECH and USGS) and the Galeras volcano monitoring system.

Seismology monitoring and furthering understanding in a range of applications such as Earthquake Early Warnings, Tsunami Early Warnings, Volcano monitoring, Ocean Bottom Seismology, Seismic surveying, Civil Engineering/Structural integrity, Petrochemical exploration, Security Systems and Blast Monitoring.